German discount retailer Aldi has expanded its range of products that it offers via its British ecommerce website. It added non-food items such as electrical goods and garden tools, after it entered the ecommerce scene in January by offering cases of wines for home delivery.

The non-food items Aldi now sells online in the United Kingdom are part of its ‘Specialbuys’ range, items which can include anything from electronics to clothing and furniture and that go on sale twice a week. For example, it currently sells a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner, a Gardenline petrol lawnmower and an Ambiano nutrient blender on the Aldi UK site.

‘Ecommerce platform is performing very well’
According to the German company, its ecommerce platform is performing very well so far, in the seven weeks since its launch. It has attracted around one million users each week and a significant proportion of these users are based in London and the south east of England, the New York Times writes.

Aldi will be offering free shipping for a limited time on both the wines and the Specialbuy items. The supermarket’s market share increased to 5.8 percent in the twelve weeks to 28 February, up 0.8 percentage points year-on-year. It plans to open more than 80 new stores in the UK this year, with a target of reaching 1,000 UK stores by 2022.

No food sold online by Aldi
Although Aldi has expanded its online offer, its customers shouldn’t expect the retailer to sell food online very soon. Aldi’s chief executive Matthew Barnes already said this move wasn’t on the firm’s radar back in September, but a spokeswoman explained this week that its position hasn’t changed since then.

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