De Bijenkorf, a major omnichannel retailer from the Netherlands, might be looking for further expansion across Europe. The retailer has posted job offers, in which it’s looking for native French speakers.

This does not necessarily mean that De Bijenkorf is opening an online store in France; there’s also the possibility it’s just expanding its market in Belgium. In 2015, the Dutch company opened the digital doors of its store in Belgium, but it was – and still is – focused only on the Dutch-speaking part of the country.

De Bijenkorf left a clue about the French online store

Now, with the new job offers posted on the Bijenkorf website, found by Twinkle, it could mean the omnichannel retailer is finally opening up to the French-speaking part of the country. But the sentence “working experience with the French consumer market is a plus” might give away a strong clue that it is, indeed, looking to expand to France.

Part of the job offer from De Bijenkorf, which hints at an upcoming launch of its online store in France.

De Bijenkorf is slowly expanding across Europe

De Bijenkorf was founded in 1870 and is a high-end department store, currently owned bij Selfridges Group Limited. The company went abroad with its online store for the first time in 2015, when launched in Belgium. Four years later, in September 2019, De Bijenkorf launched in Germany. Now, further expansion with a possible online shop in France, in Wallonia or both, is planned to take off in 2020.

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