Coolblue, a popular retailer from the Netherlands, will now be reselling ‘second chance’ items, products which have been returned by customers, in its shops for a reduced price. It already sold these products through an outlet section on eBay-owned marketplace Marktplaats, but will now also mention and sell them on product pages in its online stores.

Coolblue announced this service in a blog post called “Love at second sight“. “Everyone deserves a second chance. The same goes for our products. Maybe your new phone doesn’t meet your expectations, but we can make someone else happy with it. So it will be love at second sight. These second-chance products already found their new owners through Marktplaats, but lately they can also be found in our own shops. How convenient”, the multi-channel retailer writes.

Coolblue emphasized that all its ‘Tweedekans’ products will be tested thoroughly, so consumers won’t stumble upon, let’s say, a smartphone that has been mauled by a dog with sharp teeth. If Coolblue is sure the product works like it should, the item gets a new price, based on the category and condition the product is in: mint condition, slight traces of use or visible damage. The second-chance items will be, just like the new products, delivered the next day when they are ordered before 23:59 and are sent to the customer for free. The second-hand items come with a 12- or 24-month warranty.

About Coolblue
Coolblue was founded in 1999 and started as a pure player. In 2003 it opened its first physical store, in its home city of Rotterdam. It currently has over 300 online stores and 7 physical stores. According to the Twinkle100, a list of the 100 biggest local ecommerce companies, Coolblue is the number 4 ecommerce player in the Netherlands.

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