Asuum is offering publishers and content creators a way to get some ads on their site without bothering their customers with it. With this form of native advertising they want to bring content and ecommerce together. “Just like you won’t buy Vogue without the glossy ads, or watch a Superbowl game without the commercials.”

Asuum has context-aware technology which automatically enriches and monetizes the content on a site. Publishers can display relevant product advertisements without the need of having product references in the text. They don’t have to write about products anymore or link to them in their articles. “We are helping content creators to focus on what they do best: creating great content”, CEO and co-founder Thilo Konzok tells Ecommerce News.

The products are shown within the content, since they are part of the content. “Let’s say you are reading that Leonardo di Caprio article, it just makes sense to display relevant literature or media, so you could dig even deeper into the topic”, Konzok tells us. An example of Asuum in action can be seen in this screenshot below. To see Asuum really in action, you could check out this article on “That article is about low car food, so our technology finds relevant books and cooking accessories.” This website also has their own Asuum shop with relevant products, which can be seen here.

Customers include Forbes, GEO and Bild der Frau
Things are looking good for the German startup. “We are overwhelmed by the feedback we’ve gotten. Our waitlist is like 3 months long and we’re hiring 6 new engineers in the next two weeks to supply demand. We’re working with every major publishing house and testing at least one of their respective publications. Customers include Forbes, GEO, Bild der Frau and reach from big magazines to blogs. We’re testing with 500 blogs in the first week of September and will release a Javascript snippet a week later so everyone can use our technology).

Konzok also told us that Asuum is internationally scalable, as its technology learns a new language within twelve minutes. Its learning constantly, as there are 300+ iterations with 20 variables continuously testing for regression analysis. And since it’s “60 times less likely that users buy products on mobile devices”, when a mobile version of a website is shown Asuum will display relevant apps instead of products.

Asuum is founded in Germany this year and investerors are Axel Springer, one of the largest media companies in Europe, and Plug and Play Tech Center, a business accelerator from California.


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