Online fashion and lifestyle retailer Lesara has expanded to France. By opening a dedicated website here, Lesara could potentially reach more than 66 million new customers. In just two years’ time, the German discounter is now active in 22 countries across Europe. contains, just like the other local websites of the Berlin-based startup, affordable fashion and lifestyle products. “With this store, we close the last major gap in Europe. We believe very strongly in this market”, says Lesara’s CEO and founder Roman Kirsch. “France is a country of sales-lovers, if you just look at the success of shopping clubs and clearance sales, but also one of trend-conscious people. Nowhere else they keep an eye on where they can find the latest trend products the quickest – with our handling speed that is a great opportunity”, he says.

The business model of Lesara is based on high efficiency and low prices and is, according to Der Handel, reminiscent of an online mix of physical fashion retailers such as Primark and Kik and fast-fashion retailer H&M. The German company has branches in Chinese cities Guangzhou and Shenzhen where cheap goods are bought and then airmailed to Berlin and Staufenberg.

About Lesara
Lesara saw its sales increase by 500 percent, while its customer base grew 400 percent to about 750,000 customers. After Germany, where about 60 percent of sales were generated last year, Italy its the company’s second fastest growing market.

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